4-Head Microdermabrasion + Blackhead Removal System


Designed for the deep exfoliation, removal of blackheads and renewal of dull, tired skin.⁣

Removes dead skin cells, smoothens fine lines, and reduces clogged pores while leaving your face with a much clearer, brighter complexion.⁣

Clears out dirt, oil, make-up residue and other impurities found just beneath the surface of the skin.⁣

Restores smooth and youthful complexion over time with use.⁣


Microdermabrasion Head ⁣(Diamond Tip) 
Using a diamond-encrusted tip, this device gently exfoliates the skin while delivering much cleaner, lower-residue skin cell renewal.⁣

Small Extractor Head⁣
For spot-targeting. Ideal for clearing out blackheads, clogged pores and blemishes. Use once a week, up to 5 minutes each time.⁣

Large Extractor Head⁣
For regular, daily use. Helps to shrink, lift and tighten pores. Ideal for reduction of fine lines and for use at corners of eyes and mouth. Promotes blood circulation and skin elasticity.⁣

Cupping Head⁣
For shoulders and neck. Provides the same blood circulation and toxin extraction benefits as a cupping massage. Also great for use on the back and elsewhere on body as needed.⁣


Pore Unclogging + Tightening⁣
Sebum Reduction⁣
Deep Exfoliation⁣
Reduces Blemishes + Scarring⁣
Reduces Fine Lines + Wrinkles⁣


Step 1⁣
Cleanse face. Steam or place a hot towel over your skin for several minutes. Prepare your skin by opening up its pores.⁣

Step 2⁣
Clean and firmly attach desired suction head to the device. ⁣

Step 3⁣
Turn power on and move the device slowly and gently over skin areas that require treatment. ⁣
Do not linger for more than 3 seconds at a spot to avoid bruising.⁣

Step 4⁣
Gently cleanse your face after treatment. Apply a sheet mask to shrink pores and lock moisture in.⁣

⁣Multiple intensity levels allow you to select what works best for your skin while you stay in control. ⁣

Product Specifications⁣

Material : ABS⁣
Colour : White / Black⁣
Rated Voltage : 3.7V⁣
Rated Power : 4W ⁣
Battery Power : 300mAH⁣
Net Weight : 149 g⁣
Product Dimensions : 180 x 35 X 53 mm ⁣
Product Certification : CE, RoHS⁣

Package Contents ⁣

1 x Microdermabrasion Facial Rejuvenation Kit⁣
4 x Treatment Heads (Interchangeable)⁣
1 x USB Charging Cable⁣
1 x User Instruction Manual⁣



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