LED Facial Rejuvenation Derma Light Therapy Skincare Mask


Treats and rejuvenates skin through sophisticated photodynamic light spectrum therapy by activating photoreceptors in skin cells.

Encourages collagen production to help soften skin. Promotes increased blood flow and locks in moisture to help to keep skin from drying out.

Regular mask usage helps to shrink pores, improve skin tone, and increase skin elasticity. Also helps to reduce freckles, dark spots and blemishes.

Best when used together with a topical face care application, 10-20 minutes before bedtime.

Ideal for use at home or while on the go.

Light Therapy Treatment Settings:

Blue Light (~470-495 nm) : Helps firm and tighten skin. Inhibits excessive oil production. Prevents acne.

Yellow Light (~590-620 nm) : Repairs dull skin and reduces skin redness.

Red Light (~620-750 nm) : Stimulates collagen production and renewal. Improves skin elasticity

How To Use :

1. Clean face. Apply cream/lotion on face.
2. Select a mask colour to apply.
3. Wear and turn on LED mask to use.
4. Leave to treat for 15-20 minutes

Product Description :
Contents : 1 x LED Light Therapy Skincare Mask
Colour : White



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